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Responsibility in graphic design
Marjatta Itkonen & Heidi Uppa (eds.)
ISBN: 978-952-60-5158-1
191 sivua, soft cover with flaps and a banderoll, 2013
REsolutions – Responsibility in graphic design

The idea for this book was born in a course that looked at responsibility in graphic design. We were examining what responsibility means to a graphic designer, to the community, to the client and to our planet. Social design is a core concern – visual communication is our language, and it is understood worldwide.
The slogan: "Think global, act local" is especially relevant to this project. The book is another example of an MA project that students have created during their studies at Aalto ARTS.
We could have done a web page, a digital game or a magazine, but a book just felt right for us.
At the end of the day the most important thing was to spend time together, first discussing and then creating a common goal.

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